Zip line Tours

IMG_1269Zip line Tours

Ever dream of flying through the air? If so, come join us and take a tour! Six thrilling zip-lines take you ridge to ridge through forty acres of forest woodland.  Zip on our Bunny Slope; TOT; Zippy Do Da; Moonshine Run; Accelerator, and the Warrior Run.  Fly over trees as you step off platforms of varying heights, two to twenty-five feet high.


Cost: $55 for adults/$45(child 5 to 12)

Group Rate: 6 or more $50 adult/ $40 child             

 Age restriction: At least 5 years old

 Weight restriction: 40 lb min./255 lb max.

  Time: Varies with group/party of 8 = 2 hours

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IMG_1563Climbing Tower

32 foot Climbing Tower for all to enjoy. Perfect for the beginner to the more advanced climber. Six different challenge walls provided overhangs, friction, and marked routes. Come join us on the Needle, Brain vs Brawn, Rickety Bridges, Blue Stag, Tiger, Gray Route and many more for a fun, challenging climbing adventure. Also included is a ride on our hillside giant swing.

Cost: $30 per person
Group Rate:  $25(6 or more)
Age restriction: 5 years
Weight restriction: 40 lb minimum/255 lb maximum
Time: Varies with group/Zip line party of 8 = 2 hours


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IMG_0428Premium Package

If you like the full outdoor experience then this package is for you. It includes the Zip line tour and the 2 hour climbing session which includes the giant V-swing.

Cost: $85 for adults(13 or older)  $75 for children(5 to 12)
Group Rate: $75(adults 6 or more) $65 (children 6 or more)
Age/Weight restriction: 5 yrs/40 lb minimum/255 lb maximum
Time: Varies with group/ party of 8 = 4 hours

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NIGHTZIP1Night Flight

Participants don headlights, glow paint, and what else they can find to light their way and go out into the night. Night zipping adds a whole new dimensions to zipping.

Cost: $60 per individual
Weight restriction: 65 lb minimum/255 lb maximum
Time: 1 1/2 to 2 hours


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